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*6x vinyl in gatefold covers with deluxe slipcase
*With digital download code for all three albums plus 7 acoustic bonus tracks
*Release date 05 July 2017
*Pre Orders will ship 05 July 2017 *

Pressing Info:

1st Pressing (April 2017)
1000 gold/silver/black


"After The Eulogy" Live In Berlin (black double vinyl)
A1 After The Eulogy
A2 Rookie
A3 Pariah Under Glass
A4 When Rethoric Dies
A5 Still Waiting For The Punchline
B1 The Abominations Of Those Virtuos
B2 Our Time Honored Tradition Of Cannibalism
B3 (Compassion) As Skull Fragments On The Wall
B4 My Life In The Knife Trade
C1 Across Five Years
C2 Twelve Step Hammer Programm
C3 Unspoken Request
C4 The Force Majeure
D1 Deja Coup
D2 Release The Dogs
D3 Until Nothing Remains
D4 Empire

"Tomorrow Come Today" Live In Berlin (silver double vinyl)
A1 Eviction Article
A2 Last Years Nest
A3 Full Color Guilt
A4 Bathorys Sainthood
A5 Dying On Principle
B1 Handful Of Redemption
B2 Release The Dogs
B3 Foundations To Burn
B4 Management Vs. Labor
C1 High Wire Escape Artist
C2 White Wedding Dress
C3 On In Five
C4 With Every Intention
D1 Curtain Call
D2 Bled Dry
D3 Rookie
D4 Closure

"The Misery Index" Live In Berlin (gold double vinyl)
A1 Walk Astray
A2 Requiem
A3 Final Communique
A4 The Misery Index
A5 10 And Counting
B1 Falling Out Theme
B2 Empire
B3 So Long And Thanks For The Crutches
B4 With Cold Eyes
B4 Deja Coup
C1 Social Register Fanclub
C2 Nostalgic For Guillotines
C3 A Far Cry
C4 Still Waiting For The Punchline
D1 After The Eulogy
D2 Rookie
D3 Release The Dogs